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Diary of Events and Happenings in Vancouver, BC.

Meet the Public Space Makers

December 6 2017, 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Meet the Public Space Makers. As part of the Lumiere Festival, Places for People Downtown invites the public to attend a speaker series in Jim Deva Plaza.. Event detailsAs Vancouver evolves, it's important that we take a hard look at how our public spaces function. Who are Vancouver's public space makers? What kind of public spaces do we need in Downtown Vancouver? How can we better program and enjoy our public spaces year round?The event will bring together some of Vancouver's top public space activators for a fun and creative speaker series on the topic of public life in a rainy city. The format of this event will lend itself well to Jim Deva Plaza, allowing passersby to pop in, hear a couple presentations, and pop out. The event will be moderated by Thomas Daley.Schedule:6:00pm - Eleanor Arkin and Haley Roeser, frida&frank6:15pm - Alexandra Kenyon, HCMA Architecture + Design6:30pm - Adrian Sinclair and Andrea Curtis, Transformation Projects6:45pm - Ellie Niakan, Lead of Integral Light Studio Canada7:00pm - Wil Aballe, Wil Aballe Art Projects - WAAP/Curator, Lumiere Vancouver7:15pm - Mitchell Reardon, Vancouver Public Space Network7:30pm - Anthonia Ogundele, Director, Hogan's Alley Trust7:45pm - Stuart Ward and Ben Cooper, Hfour Studio8:00pm - Victor Quezada, Lighting Artist, AES Engineering8:15pm - Tessica Truong and Veronika Bylicki, CityHive.. Event Details. Location: 1N3, 1200 Bute St., Vancouver