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Halloween Mystery Nights

Thursday, 13 October 2022 - Outdoor mystery games in downtown Vancouver. Sign up now to compete for the top score! OCTOBER 13 to 31 Check for availability. This year you have 3 games to choose from, spy thriller Secret Mission, detective challenge Crime in Downtown, or superhero adventure Heroes & Villains. HOW IT WORKS Team sizes - 2 to 6 players (larger groups can sign up for more teams or book a private game). Sign up to compete against other teams for the top score. $35 per player (plus GST). Each team gets a kit with a map, clues, artifacts, tools Each team gets a special edition Halloween Mystery Nights certificate (and usually some Halloween candy!) Complete challenges, collect clues, solve the mystery! If you've played an escape room game before you already know what to do – you book your game online and then show up at the address provided to play. The main difference is that Vancouver Mysteries games are played outdoors and the play area covers approximately 2km instead of playing inside in a locked room. Watch your emails for a top secret message about where to meet your detective, spy or Agent X - they will start your story and give you everything you need to play. This is not an app. CAN KIDS PLAY? Our games are rates ages 12 and up but one younger child will probably still have fun accompanying a team.We have a special version of our superhero quest Heroes & Villains just for younger kids (ages 6 and up). Up to 2 kids under 6 can be a part of any team for free. Each team of children must be accompanied by an adult. - Event Details