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Diary of Events and Happenings in Vancouver, BC.

Halloween Family Fun

Thursday, 13 October 2022 - Outdoor superhero games for families in downtown Vancouver! Check for availability or contact us for a private booking (great for larger groups/field trips!) AN OUTDOOR SUPERHERO GAME Play Heroes & Villains, designed for younger kids (ages 6 and up). Each team gets a kit with a map, clues, artifacts and tools to use during the game plus a special edition Halloween Mystery Nights certificate (and usually some Halloween candy!). Each player gets a superpower to use during the game. If you've played an escape room game before you already know what to do – you book your game online and then show up at the address provided to play and follow the instructions. The main difference is that Vancouver Mysteries games are played outdoors and the play area covers approximately 2km instead of playing inside in a locked room. Fun for teams with kids ages 6 and up One adult must accompany every team Teams of 2 to 5 players Larger groups? Add a team to the same time slot or book a private game. Older kids? We have 3 games for ages 12 and up. - Event Details