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Tegan and Sara The Con X: Tour

October 28 2017, 9:00 p.m. Tegan and Sara The Con X: Tour. Tegan and Sara will celebrate 10th Anniversary of The Con, performing special acoustic arrangements of the full album on stage at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.. Event detailsThe Con was both an artistic and commercial breakthrough for Tegan and Sara. Tegan says, "The first four records of our career felt like we were navigating winding mountain roads. With The Con, it was obvious we had turned a corner and hit an open stretch of highway. It felt like our first fully realized Tegan and Sara record. Which made it then and still makes it now a very important record to us."Sara notes, "To launch The Con in 2007, we performed the album sequentially. It was a difficult album to translate live because most of the songs had deep layers of ideas and textures, taken directly from our home demos and made even denser in the studio. Much of the album hasn't been performed live in nearly a decade and it's with great pleasure that we take these beloved songs back to the stage."Twin sisters born in Canada, Tegan and Sara have sold over one million albums, and have received seven Gold certifications, one Double Platinum certification, three Juno Awards, two Polaris Prize nominations and a GRAMMY® nomination... Event Details. Location: 630 Hamilton Street, Vancouver