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Golden Lotus

September 21 2017, 8:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Golden Lotus. Commissioned by the 39th Hong Kong Arts Festival and adapted from the 17th-century Chinese erotic novel Jin Ping Mei, the ballet Golden Lotus returns after a three-year prohibition throughout Mainland China. The original production was a great success in Hong Kong.. Event detailsWith beautiful costumes and sets, rich traditional and contemporary music, and tight choreography, the ballet Golden Lotus tells the story of a 1500s Chinese "Madame Bovary" – Beauty Golden Lotus whose unfortunate love, with the tiger slayer Wu Sung, the high dignitary Xi Men Qin, and her humble peddler husband Wu Da, led her to a bloody and desperate ending.Told in four sections, "Prelude," "Wu Sung," "Xi Men," and "Lian," the dance drama's structure reflects the characters' struggles in expressive passages of dance and music. With a wonderful combination of timelessness and a great deal of mystery and intrigue, the ballet brings to life a long-ago era.As the production was about to tour China after its great success in Hong Kong, it became the focus of fiery debate in the media - resulting in its prohibition throughout the country because of its controversial content. Some scenes were tamed in order to pass muster, then the Golden Lotus was finally staged in mainland China, three years after its debut in Hong Kong... Event Details. Location: 630 Hamilton Street, Vancouver