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Mulan the Musical

October 15 2016, 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Mulan the Musical. Cultures collide and legend is brought to life in Mulan the Musical. Showcased for one day only in an exclusive matinee and evening performance, the iconic, ancient tale dates back over 1,600 years and tells the story of brave Mulan through a spectacular combination of Chinese drum music, traditional kung fu and dance.. Event detailsMulan is an exploration of adventure and victory that follows one girl's determination to save her family. Expressing themes of loyalty and devotion through a captivating combination of dance, martial arts and music, Mulan tells the story of a young girl who takes the place of her ill father to fight in the army but must disguise her identity and serve as a man. Set in a time where a male from every family was conscripted to join the Chinese army, Mulan follows the courageous adventures of the main character as she sets out to prove her allegiance to both her family and China. Brought to you by Pangburn Philosophy for one day only, Mulan the Musical will thrill and delight in a whirlwind of colour, martial arts, and dance set to the beat of heart-pounding drum music.Please note that the Vancouver Civic Theatres requires that all audience members, including children, must have a ticket. There are no exemptions to this policy regardless of the child's age... Event Details. Location: 630 Hamilton Street, Vancouver