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Queer Film Festival: Summertime

August 11 2016, 7:00 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. Queer Film Festival: Summertime. Summertime spans a romance that launches in the vibrant Paris of the early 1970s, when feminist activity flourished in the city, and moves to take root in the beautiful French countryside. Brought to life by the masterful director Catherine Corsini (Three Worlds, Leaving), Summertime is at once sensual, exhilarating, and a paean to that brief, carefree window of youth in which expectations and dreams are suddenly liberated from familial confines.. Summertime detailsDelphine (played by Izïa Higelin) helps her parents run the family farm. She travels to the big city where she meets Carole (the firebrand activist played by Cécile De France), who teaches Spanish and is at the forefront of the burgeoning feminist movement. As Carole guides Delphine into a new world of politics, an unlikely romance develops. When Delphine is called home to care for her ailing father, Carole follows her. Jeanne Lapoirie's camera revels in the sumptuous country life to which Carole tries to adapt, and Grégoire Hetzel's decadent music accentuates every frame as the two women confront the realities of the different worlds they inhabit and the realization that pushing forward will mean leaving something behind. Summertime is a poetic tale that thrives in the love and political idealism of Carole and Delphine as they confront the question: Is love really all you need? .. Event Details. Location: 600 Hamilton Street, Vancouver