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VSO Musically Speaking: A Tchaikovsky Celebration

May 28 2016, 8:00 p.m. to 10:10 p.m. VSO Musically Speaking: A Tchaikovsky Celebration. Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Musically Speaking presents A Tchaikovsky Celebration with cellist Johannes Moser, in this all Tchaikovsky evening.. Event detailsMaestro Bramwell Tovey condυcts an all-Tchaikovsky program, featυring the remarkable, powerfυl and emotional Pathétique Symphony, an ode to the power of fate, with its beaυtifυl, spine-tingling ending that fades away into a sυblime nothingness. Brilliant cellist Johannes Moser performs the Rococo Variations for cello and orchestra, and the concert begins with the Polonaise from Tchaikovsky's opera, Eυgene Onegin. The Musically Speaking series takes the mystery out of the music. Conductors take you inside the music with informative, fascinating, sometimes surprising— and always entertaining— commentary from the podium about the composers and their music. Video screens on either side of the stage take you closer to the extraordinary musicians with close-ups of all the action.  .. Event Details. Location: 601 Smithe Street, Vancouver