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Vancouver Police Museum speaker series - Walking the corridors of Riverview Psychiatric Hospital

May 18 2016, 7:00 p.m. Vancouver Police Museum speaker series - Walking the corridors of Riverview Psychiatric Hospital. Anna Tremere, former psychiatric nurse at the hospital and a champion of preserving Riverview's legacy, joins Heidi Currie, Criminology professor at Douglas College, to get inside your head and explore everything you never knew about BC's most infamous psychiatric facility. With Riverview slated for redevelopment and re-opening over the next few years, there's no better time to walk these historic halls and explore the stories still written so freshly on the walls. Don't miss this opportunity!. Event detailsThe Vancouver Police Museum once again invites you to go "Behind Locked Doors", the theme of our 4th annual Speaker Series, and tour the history of some of Vancouver's most fascinating and forbidden locations. From the not-always-polished doors of the Chief Constable's office to the cells and gallows of old Oakalla prison, let the Vancouver Police Museum be your key to unlocking some of the mysteries of Vancouver's past.Depending on who you ask, the Riverview Hospital grounds in Coquitlam might be the most haunted location in the Lower Mainland, a monument to the advancement of mental health care in BC, or it might just be the place where all your favourite shows are filmed. With more than a century's worth of psychiatric treatment, ranging from the cutting-edge to the controversial, in its many wards, Riverview plays host to stories of research, dedication, and tragedy from BC's past, and offers up some pointers for the future of psychiatric treatment... Event Details. Location: 240 E Cordova St, Vancouver