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Vancouver Police Museum speaker series - Locked up and innocent

May 4 2016, 7:00 p.m. Vancouver Police Museum speaker series - Locked up and innocent. At a time when lips and tweets are buzzing with the likes of cultural phenomenons like “Rectify” and “Making a Murderer”, this is a truly timely night. Join us to learn about real, local stories involving wrongful convictions and exonerations, and go behind some of the locked doors that should never have found themselves locked with attorney Mark Gervin, director of the UBC chapter of the Innocence Project.. Event detailsThe Vancouver Police Museum once again invites you to go “Behind Locked Doors”, the theme of our 4th annual Speaker Series, and tour the history of some of Vancouver’s most fascinating and forbidden locations. From the not-always-polished doors of the Chief Constable’s office to the cells and gallows of old Oakalla prison, let the Vancouver Police Museum be your key to unlocking some of the mysteries of Vancouver’s past.About the speakerThe UBC Innocence Project, active in Vancouver since 2007, is a non-profit law clinic working with Law faculty, students, and outside lawyers to investigate the cases of those convicted of serious crimes, but who may wrongly be sitting, innocent, behind bars. Wrongful convictions might happen to anyone, and they might happen more often than we expect, so let Mark Gervin be your guide through the complex web of evidence, trials, convictions, and re-investigation on the way to making sure innocent people walk free. An eye-opening topic, tonight would be a great time to bring a friend - remember to use the buddy system!.. Event Details. Location: 240 E Cordova St, Vancouver